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Before & After Dental Cases – Jacksonville, FL

See the Phenomenal Results We Can Achieve

Drs. Mullens and Nguyen are grateful to have so many patients trust the care of their smiles in their capable, experienced hands. With an eye for fine details and dedication to achieving long-lasting, quality results, our dentists are truly able to create the most amazing smile-transformations. Below, you can view some before-and-after photos of our real-life patients to get a better idea of the top-tier dental care that we provide here at Distinctive Dentistry by Mullens & Nguyen.

Closeup of smile with discolored dental crowns before dental treatment Before
Closeup of flawless smile after dental treatment After

This is a great example of how your smile encompasses more than just your four to six front teeth. This professional lady wanted to replace the discolored crowns in her four front teeth and create better symmetry and appeal for her smile. To achieve her expectations, her treatment was extended to include her eight front teeth and create ideal symmetry and even color in her smile zone. A combination of veneers, crowns and a gum lift to smooth out the uneven gum line produced this naturally beautiful smile. We also conservatively whitened her lower teeth for a nice shade match.

Closeup of smile with unnatural looking bridgework replacing congenitally missing teeth Before
Closeup of beautiful smile with new tooth replacement solutions After

Our patient in this example was congenitally missing her two upper lateral incisors, and the existing bridgework to replace those teeth was unnatural in appearance and did not match her other teeth. A combination of two new all-porcelain bridges and porcelain veneers fully extended in her smile zone produced this beautiful result with a more dynamic, full, symmetrical smile.

Closeup of smile with gray translucent appearance before dental treatment Before
Closeup of beauitufl smile after porcelain veneer treatment After

While this patient had always wanted to eliminate the gray, translucent appearance of her teeth, whitening could never eliminate the problem. She chose to have her teeth restored with porcelain veneers; however, she specifically requested to maintain the natural shape of her teeth and simply have a whiter, less translucent smile. Ultrathin, conservative porcelain veneers were placed on the upper and lower teeth to create an excellent result. Our patient is ecstatic that most of her friends think she simply whitened her teeth and that it is not obvious that she has had extensive restoration of her smile.

Closeup of smile with decay, discoloration, and tetracycline staining before dental treatment Before
Falwless smile after all ceramic dental crown restoration After

This gentleman had extensive decay problems that nearly cost him his teeth. The cosmetic blemishes from decay and tetracycline staining were corrected with all-ceramic crowns to produce this very handsome result.

Closeup of smile with failing dental bonding and uneven gum line Before
Closeup of flawless smile after porcelain veneers treatment After

Dr. Mullens encouraged this patient for years to restore his failing bonding and uneven gum lines in an effort to improve his smile. A cosmetic gum lift and restoration with porcelain veneers produced this dramatic result.

Closeup of smile with stubby teeth and braces during dental treatment Before
Beautiful smile after orthodontic treatment and cosmetic gum lift After

This beautiful young lady suffered from a severe tooth grinding habit. Braces were utilized to correct general tooth position, then a cosmetic gum lift was performed to improve the length of the teeth. This was followed by a combination of dental implants, porcelain crowns and veneers for her upper teeth, and conservative bonding for the lowers to create this stunning smile makeover. When her father saw her for the first time after restoration of her teeth, he cried.

Smile with tetracycline staining before cosmetic dentistry Before
Bright healthy smile after porcelain veneers and all ceramic dental crowns After

This gentleman always wished for whiter teeth to resolve the tetracycline staining present that created the gray hue seen here. Upper and lower porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns were placed to create this dazzling, handsome smile.

Discolored smile and worn teeth due to teeth grinding before dental treatment Before
Perfected smile after porcelain veneers and dental crown treatment After

This good friend and dental colleague of Dr. Mullens suffered from tooth grinding and wear. Notice how the natural teeth were wearing out on the edges, but the existing crowns on the central two teeth were not, creating a very uneven smile. A combination of porcelain veneers and all-ceramic crowns were placed to restore a handsome smile.

Closeup of smile with excessive wear causing stubby looking teeth Before
Perfected smile after gum lift porcelain veneers and dental crowns treatment After

This lady had an aging smile as a result of excessive wear. She had lost the length of her teeth from both the edges and the gum line, creating very short front teeth and a gummy smile. A combination of a gum lift and porcelain veneers and crowns for both her upper and lower teeth resulted in this natural, youthful, attractive smile.

Smile with fractured veneers in need of replacements Before
Bright healthy smile after new porcelain veneers are placed After

This lady is in the dental industry. She had some very attractive existing veneers, but two were fractured and she desired a brighter, more youthful smile. New veneers with a brighter shade and better shape were placed to create this vibrant, beautiful smile.

Discolored smile before teeth whitening Before
Bright white smile after teeth whitening After

This is an excellent example of how a smile transformation does not always have to be a major restoration to get great results. Simple tooth whitening treatment with our KöR Deep Bleaching™ produced this outstanding result.

Smile with discolored failing denture Before
Smile with new dental implant supported denture After

This younger lady had a failing denture that she desperately wanted to replace with a more stable solution. She hated the idea of wearing a denture at her age. Dental implants were utilized to anchor her new appliance, and she has tremendous confidence not only in her beautiful smile, but also that she will never again have to wear a loose denture.

Closeup of smile with gap between Before
Flawless smile after dental bonding treatment and teeth whitening After

This is another great example of how simple treatments can sometimes make such a difference in a smile. Our KöR Deep Bleaching™ system was combined with simple and conservative resin bonding to achieve this beautiful, affordable result.

Teeth with metal fillings Before
Teeth with natural looking tooth colored fillings After

We have practiced metal-free dentistry in Dr. Mullens' office for over fifteen years. In a single visit, failing, leaky, old amalgam silver fillings such as these can be replaced with natural resin fillings that are both durable and improve the strength of the teeth. We often eliminate sensitivity from these old restorations immediately upon completion of treatment.

Smile with unevenly spaced teeth Before
Gaps between teeth closed with dental bonding After

This young man was unhappy with the excessive spacing in his smile. Orthodontic treatment could not solve this problem because his teeth were simply too small. In a single visit, this dramatic smile transformation took place with conservative bonding that required no alteration of his existing teeth.