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A Brighter Smile for the New Year

December 26th, 2018

The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start for you and your smile. At our office, a brighter smile is quick and easy!

Given the latest in whitening technology, whiter teeth are only an appointment away. Teeth whitening is a safe, quick, and inexpensive way to create the dream smile you’ve always desired. We can offer a safe method that corrects tooth discolorations that may have been caused by staining, aging, or chemical effects.

So, start the new year off right and get a whiter smile today! Give us a call at our convenient Jacksonville, FL office to schedule an appointment!

What’s an intraoral camera?

December 19th, 2018

One of the greatest features our team at our office offers is the ability to see first-hand how we can help our patients. While X-rays help us detect any problems in your mouth and give us valuable information on what is bothering you, they often don’t give Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen a complete view of everything that is going on inside your mouth. With the use of an intraoral camera, we can see every aspect of your teeth and mouth with incredible detail, uncovering cracked or fractured teeth, excessive wear, carious lesions, cavities, or other issues that may be hidden. When we can discover oral problems early on, your treatment is much less invasive and often saves you money down the road.

An intraoral camera allows Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen to view clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth, and gums and allows us to make an accurate diagnosis.  With clear, defined, enlarged images, Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen and our team see details that standard mirror examinations may miss. It’s much easier to understand what is happening in your mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor, and it means faster diagnosis and less chair-time for our patients!

Intraoral cameras are small, about the size of a dental mirror, and emit a light onto the tooth. The tooth will emit a color that lets Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen determine if the tooth is healthy or diseased. Intraoral cameras also allow us to save your images on our office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments. These treatments can be printed for you, other specialists, and your lab or insurance companies.

For any questions about the intraoral camera, we encourage you to ask Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen or our team during your or your child’s next visit or by giving us a call at our convenient Jacksonville, FL office.

Looking Back on 2018

December 13th, 2018

This year was a great one for our office. Our favorite moment was without a doubt moving into our brand new office. Nothing boosts energy and gets everyone excited like a change of scenery. And as a result of moving into a bigger space, we were able to have more flexibility when scheduling appointments with our patients.

We were able to meet all of our goals for this year, and one of the main ones was accommodating patients as best as we could. We also learned that even when you achieve what you set out to do, it’s important to keep pushing yourself to continue to grow and learn.

One of our favorite trips of the year was going to the Florida Dental Association conference in Orlando. Dr. Mullens stole the show with a fishnet shirt on… we’ll let you be the ones to ask him about it. When it comes to entertainment, the show Shameless continues to be a favorite in the office and one of our favorite reads was Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

We’re looking forward to getting into our Christmas eve pajamas and spending times with our families and we hope you all get a chance to do the same! And if you’re still looking for gift ideas, don’t forget that we have 10-20% off all whitening right now. You know, just a thought.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Protecting Your Smile with Mouthguards

December 12th, 2018

If you participate in sports or other physical activities, it’s wise to consider getting a mouthguard. Also known as mouth protectors, mouthguards are a device worn over the teeth to lessen the impact of a blow to the face.

This reduces the chance that you might lose teeth or sustain other serious oral injuries. We recommend that all patients involved in a contact sport such as wrestling, football, or hockey wear a mouthguard because of the high risk of such injuries.

However, anyone involved in a physically demanding sport or activity should wear a mouthguard as well.

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose a few of your front teeth? The way you talk, eat, and smile would all change. Potential injuries when you don’t wear a mouthguard include chipped and broken teeth, fractured jaws, root damage, damage to crowns and bridgework, concussions, and/or injury to the lips, cheeks, or gums.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three different types of mouthguards — typically made of a soft plastic material or laminate. You can decide which works best for you in terms of budget, fit, and comfort.

  • Stock mouthguards are prefabricated to a standard size. They offer adequate protection, but you need to make sure you find one that fits properly and comfortably. Stock mouthguards are readily available at department stores, sporting goods stores, and online.
  • Boil-and-bite mouthguards are placed in boiling water to soften them, then into the mouth so they can conform to the shape of the teeth. Boil-and-bite mouthguards are more expensive, but offer a more customized fit than stock ones. You can find these in department stores, pharmacies, sporting goods stores, and online.
  • Custom-made mouthguards are created just for you by Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen. These offer the best fit and comfort of all the options, but they are also the most expensive. Ask a member of our Jacksonville, FL team for more information.

The American Dental Association says a good mouthguard should be easy to clean, fit properly, be comfortable, and resist tearing or damage. It shouldn’t restrict speech or breathing.

Still not sure if you need a mouthguard or which kind is right for you? Ask Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen or one of our staff members for more information.