Do you Accept My Insurance?

Certainly! If your dental plan allows you to choose your own dentist, then we can accept your dental insurance coverage, and we will fight to ensure that you receive ALL of your annual maximum benefits.  While we are not a "provider" on any dental plans, our new patients tell us that dentists on their plans are often charging extra fees in order to make up the discount that being an insurance provider requires.  As a result, our patients may actually pay less, or at most pay a small premium for the high quality of treatment and service we provide. 

How We Are Different

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your dental health, and we base our treatment recommendations ONLY on the care that you need.  All costs are discussed up front with no extra fees, and an acceptable financial plan is developed to help you budget and afford the care that you need.

Making Dentistry Affordable

Our first priority is to establish the appropriate plan of care to help you achieve dental health.  Once your treatment needs have been determined, our expert patient advocates will then help you establish a plan to afford your care. 

We accept traditional payment methods such as cash, personal checks and all major credit cards.  Please ask about our discount for early payment/payment in cash incentive.

When additional budgeting is needed to afford your care, we offer several forms of extended payment options, including interest free payment plans of up to 12 months, and longer payment terms with modest interest rates.

Our Team is committed to helping you afford the care you deserve!